Welcome to the East Valley Institute of Technology District Online Payment Portal

Thank you for using our online payments portal. Our online payments portal is a bit more than a place to make payments - we trust you will find it a key tool when managing your account or your students account.

STUDENT FEES - Parents and Students of the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT):

As a parent/student, you will be able to:

  1. Pay for fees and/or fines online
  2. Purchase items online
  3. View, print and save your student/customer ledger
  4. View, print and save your receipts and much more!


An account has been established for all parents/students of EVIT. The Username and Password format is listed below.

  • Username: EVIT Student ID number
  • Password: Student last name (first letter capitalized)


Forget your Password?

To retrieve your username or password, please CLICK HERE.


Wish to Purchase as a Guest?

If you do not have a student in the East Valley Institute of Technology, create a guest account: CLICK HERE

ARIZONA TAX CREDIT DONATIONS:  (not applicable to paying EVIT student fees)

To make extracurricular tax credit contributions, you do not need to create or log in with an account.  CLICK HERE  to make a donation.


District CTDS Number:

  • EVIT Main Campus: 070801001
  • EVIT East Campus: 070801013
  • EVIT AJ Campus: 070801301


Tax credit donations are not refundable.


Please Note:

  • Convenience fees apply to some purchases.
  • Refunds are unavailable for paid textbooks, uniforms or supplies fees.